Total Curve GNC – Can you buy Total Curve at a GNC store?

Can You Buy Total Curve at GNC? Here’s All You Need To Know

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Total Curve GNC Review – Everything You Need to Know About Total Curve Gel in 2021

Curves by natural pills aren’t the latest innovation of modern science but it has been in the shape of plant extracts before. Remember tipping women to have a juice of a particular type of seed extracts early in the morning for bigger breasts?

Well, we have evolved a little and created something even better. 

Women with bigger breast curves look attractive to everyone and there are only a few things to make it happen. We have seen women at GNC trying to find the best perfect curve supplements or looking out for curves by natural pills that get them no-where. 

Of course, GNC is the biggest provider of herbal supplements but their supplement range has no breast augmenting creams. 

However, there are perfect curve supplements that helped more than 500,000+ women worldwide to attain the best breast shape and size.

About Total Curve GNC

Total Curve is the most popular searched breast enhancement product on GNC official website.

order Total Curve

The formula of Total Curve is comprised of two parts, one is a dietary supplement and the other is lifting or firming gel. 

Total Curve is devoid of the ordinary ingredients that over the counter breast cream delivers, the scientific formula of Total Curve was created as a result of hundreds of scientific research about their active ingredient called “Volufiline” which works internally to increase the size of your breast.

The natural ingredients in addition to Volufiline work externally to tone the breast shape and make them look bigger. 

Why Total Curve is Not Available at GNC?

GNC doesn’t sell the total curve because of the Leading Edge Health.

LEH is the manufacturer of Total Curve who defines their product as the “Premium Grade” supplement for females with small breasts. According to them, none of the customers shall refer to GNC or Walmart for buying Total Curve. 

They indicate in several articles that buying Total Curve GNC is a huge mistake that many customers attempted already. 

How Total Curve Works?

The type of Total Curve is you are looking for isn’t Total Curve GNC.

Total Curve pills expand breast tissue growth by providing women more estrogen. This estrogen releases water retention that stimulates the breast size. 

Total Curves formula has many vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, and hormone modulators that promote the overall health of adipose tissues and reduce symptoms of menopause, PMS, and vaginal dryness. 

That’s why Total Curve is regarded as the perfect female enhancement formula with enhanced breast fullness, outlines, and deeper cleavage without the side effects. 

Volufiline is the main component in the Total Curve that stimulates the cellular expansion of fat cells in the breast. 

About Total Curve Ingredients

Total Curve Ingredients

About 9 types of different but unique ingredients are a part of Total Curve formula.

Out of which, 8 ingredients are extracted from the herbal source that provides daily supplementation to women’s bodies by nurturing their physical and hormonal needs.

Total Curve Gel contains Volufiline that works its magic by targeting the breast cells only since the gel is applied to the breast. 

Total Curve ingredients in the daily supplement are:

  1. Fennel Seed: Known to contain loads of phytoestrogen that provide hormonal balance in females. Fennel seed extracts provide relief from the menopausal symptoms that somehow disrupt the hormonal cycle and cause mood swings. 
  2. Buckwheat Leaves/Flowers: Buckwheat leaves or flowers contains a special ingredient called Rutin. The antioxidant in nature, rutin works for strengthening blood capillaries around the world and improves circulation. The plant also contains a heavy dose of bioflavonoids that provide support to collagen production. 
  3. Damiana Leaf: Damiana leaf is involved in sexual supplements for both men and women. The component in the Damiana leaf binds to Progesterone that improves the production of breast tissues. 
  4. Dong Quai Root: Stimulates the progesterone synthesis which will lead to increased breast tissue development. 
  5. Black Cohosh Root: Potential phytoestrogens that help to reduce the symptoms of estrogen deficiency. 
  6. Blessed Thistle: In females, the consumption of blessed thistle reduces painful menstrual cycles, headaches during MS and repair the damaged collagen and elastins. 
  7. Hops: Hops is known to improve breast tissue development and promote lactation. 
  8. Wild Yam Root: Wild Yam in females produces a special type of phytoestrogen called Diosgenin. This provides eventual growth to the breast cells and augments breast enhancement. 

The second part of the Total Curve system is the lifting and firming Gel that keeps the breasts firm and intact. Volufiline is the main ingredient in total curve gel. The Gel has a 3% Volufiline concentration that is sufficient for the maximum results. 

Other ingredients in Total Curve Gel are mango butter, vitamin C, caffeine, bearberry extract, aloe vera extract, and algae extract. 

How Volufiline Works in Total Curve?

Volufiline contains a saponin called Sarsasapogenin which improves the breast volume by enhancing lipogenesis.

This generation of fat cells only occurs in the breast that creates and expands the breast size. 

Total Curve before and after results are fuller, firmer, and uptight breasts. The application of Total Curve GNC Gel delivers the botanical extracts to the skin surface that improves its tone and makes the collagen stronger.

How to Use and Apply Total Curve GNC?

The dietary supplement of Total Curve is taken as a single capsule two times daily. 

Only a limited amount of gel is applied to the breast and massage until it is thoroughly absorbed. 

Total Curve Before and After Results

Total Curve Results before and after

The time duration for Total Curve results would take a minimum of 28 days that is 4 weeks’ time period.

However, female users must see the significant results in 56 days and finally attain the complete results after 90 days of use. 

The results of Total Curve remain for only a few months after the continuation of the supplement is required. 

Total Curve Side Effects

None of the reviews by the customers shows Total Curve has any side effects.

Some ingredients (Black Cohosh) in Total Curve dietary supplements are associate with stomach upset and headache which is minor considering the results are magnificent. 

Women who are sensitive to estrogen stimulating components or supplements must visit a doctor before buying total curve. 

Medical Facts about Total Curve

Female demands the bigger bosoms and there are no magic pills that work rapidly with safety. Total Curve results in different clinical studies make one think about the outcomes she might be getting as well- it’s easier to compare this way.

In a legit study where the active ingredient of Total Curve gnc dietary supplement and Gel is identified as Volufiline that stimulates the effect on Adipocyte tissues.

In the study, female participants who applied Total Curve Gel and used the diet supplement daily have got a 640% value of change in the volume of adipose tissues. 

The focus group of the study consisted of women from 18 to 35 years old, who were divided into two subgroups. Their task is to treat 1 breast with gel twice daily: in the morning and in the evening.

The first subgroup applied the gel with 0.5% Volufiline, the second with 1% Volufiline.

The third final measurement recorded:
  • Group I – an increase in the volume of adipocytes by 492% in 56 days;
  • Group II – an increase in the volume of adipocytes by 640% over the same period.

Where to Buy Total Curve?

Total Curve is not just an ordinary supplement that you can purchase at GNC.

The best breast enlargement pills in 2021 have shown their true color in females by delivering unwanted side effects. 

We and also the official manufacturer of Total Curve recommends purchasing the product from the official website. 

Total Curve Price

Women who prefer bigger breasts must choose the Total Curve package cautiously. Total Curve cream and dietary supplements for a one-month supply cost $69.95 to the users.

Buying Total Curve at a better price is possible when you purchase 3 or 6 months of packages. 

  • Total Curve 3 Month Supply (Platinum Package) is available in the official website for $179.95
  • Total Curve 6 Month Supply (Diamond Package): $229.95
Do They Provide Money Back Guarantee?

Total Curve is the best pill for the biggest breast in 2021 because of the limitless offers the official site has for the users. 

Although females crave mega-sized breasts they are also worried about losing their money. This is why Total Curve offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users. The procedure is very simple; you have to return the used or unused bottles for a total refund. 

Final Verdict

How to get bigger breast naturally fast at home is possible now, Total Curve has a 100% scientific formula in which Volufiline is approved by the medical communities for using it to attain perfectly round, firmer, and larger breast.

Stop following the weird ways to get bigger breasts, Total Curve only takes a small amount of price and in return gives you an amazing pair of breasts which improves confidence in a female and the sexual encounters with their partners.

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