Total Curve vs Brestrogen: Is It Worth Trying? Find out NOW [2019]

Total Curve vs Brestrogen are effective breast enhancement formulas that come with natural ingredients and without any side effects.

We all know that natural feminine looks are one of the significant parts of woman’s beauty. However, not all women are naturally gifted with the perfect and well-shaped breasts naturally.

The firmer and perkier breasts are considered as a sign of woman’s natural beauty, which not only enhance their overall physical appearance, but also boost their self-confidence.

There are different reasons in different women that are responsible for the small bust size.

Most of the women are the victims of natural aging, while others face the problems of sagging breasts after having children.

Whatever is your age and whatever is the reason behind your small size, you surely want to acquire those well-shaped boobs as a woman.

Going under the knife is certainly not a clever option to choose. Not only its expensive and scary, but also it comes with a load of side effects that can be harmful for you in longer run.

Also, we will be comparing both these products so that you can make a wise decision to enhance your breasts.

Product Overview

Total Curve:

Total Curve is a revolutionary formula for breast enlargement that has completely changed the idea of getting well-shaped breasts for women.

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The secret of the immense popularity and success of the Total Curve lies in its efficient two-part breast enhancement system. Unlike other breast enlargement formulas, Total Curve doesn’t only come with a breast enhancement cream, but also include a proper dietary supplement along to offer better results.

In short, Total Curve is known as a complete breast enhancement solution that works as a therapy both internally and externally to bring you the best results in terms of gained size and enhanced shape of your breasts.

The Total Curve breast enhancement program will help greatly in toning and lifting your breasts while giving them fuller and youthful appearance.

Total Curve works in a smart 2 way approach. The daily dietary supplement included in the Total Curve program are enriched with natural phytoestrogens that perform the functions of natural estrogens to enhance the production of fatty tissues around the breasts.

With just 2 capsules a day, you will be able to notice great results and size gains within just few weeks. At the same time, the Total Curve firming gel will help your breasts look fuller and firmer with its magic ingredient Volufiline.

You need to apply this gel onto the skin of your breasts twice a day. With the effective Volufiline, the fatty tissues around the breasts will naturally increase and your breasts will get the volume and fuller look.

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Brestrogen is an effective and amazing breast enlargement solution that has gained popularity because of its simple approach.

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The formulation of Brestrogen breast enhancement cream is all based on natural ingredients, which makes it even more reputed in the market.

The use of Brestrogen will help you enhancing the breast volume and size while firming your boobs and lifting them up.

Not only you will be able to increase your bust size, but you will also regain the lost youthful texture of your breasts.

This simple yet amazing formula is all natural and therefore absolutely safe to use without any fear of side effects.

The effectiveness of Brestrogen breast enhancement cream lies in its simple and natural formula.

The key active ingredient in the Brestrogen formulation is Pueraria Mirifica, which is already known for various health benefits and breast enhancing properties.

This plant is naturally enriched with phytoestrogens, including miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, isoflavonoids, and coumesan, which help in stimulating and expand the fatty tissues in the breast.

The perfect combination of all these phytoestrogens in the Brestrogen will mimic the actual estrogen hormone to ensure breast development and enhancement.

Also, these ingredients will strengthen the milk ducts, thus making your breasts perkier, firmer and lifted.

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Total Curve:

Total Curve breast enlargement program can give you incredible results with the continuous usage of the product.

However, you must keep it in mind that you should not expect any immediate changes with this program.

You will be start noticing the difference in your breasts in approximately 28 days after starting the Total Curve System program.

Within 90 days of usage, you will notice the best results, which will be significant increase in cup size and the improvement in the shape of your breasts.


To get the best results, it is recommended to properly use Brestrogen cream twice a day continuously for six months.

Later, you can reduce or cut down the dosage to once a day to maintain the increased size of your bust.

You have to massage 2 to 3 drops of Brestrogen onto each breast until completely absorbed.

The regular use of Brestrogen cream will increase your bust size by two cups. However, the results may vary from person to person.

Besides enhancing your breast size, Pueraria Mirifica in Brestrogen also has anti-aging properties, which can assists greatly in improving the skin texture of your breasts.

The use of Brestrogen cream will make your breast smoother and softer, thus bringing back the youthful touch again.

With the application of Brestrogen cream onto the breasts, the formula will promote fibroblasts in the breast cells to make your boobs softer and smoother.

In addition, the Vitamin E in the formulation of Brestrogen will stabilize cell membranes and protect the breast tissues against free radical damages.

If you want to impress your loved ones with a prominent cleavage and a figure hugging dress this year, we have a wonderful solution to enhance your breast size.

A Quick Comparison

  Total Curve Brestrogen
Product Topical Gel + Supplement Topical Cream
Money Back Guarantee 60 45
Price $54.95 $124.95

Last Thoughts

Currently, Brestrogen and Total Curve are considered as the most popular and safe solutions for breast enlargement and enhancement.

Both these breast enhancement solutions are made with natural ingredients that make them completely safe options to enhance your cup size and shape of your breasts.

If you are skeptical about which product to choose for your breast enlargement regime, we are going to discuss these two products in this review.

Both Total Curve and Brestrogen are effective breast enhancement formulas that come with natural ingredients and without any side effects. However, you have to be patient to see the noticeable results.

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